Tatting Classes

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Beginning Tatting
Shuttle or Needle

Tatting can be done with a shuttle or needle.  Beginning Shuttle Tatting is taught in 3 separate 2 hour sessions with practice time in between.  Beginning Needle Tatting can be taught in one 6 hour session or two 3 hour sessions with practice in between.


Level: All 

Marsha Necklace
6 Hour Class

Named in honor of a dear friend, the "Marsha" necklace motif features tatting and joining with beads, Victorian sets, and lock joins.  Students should bring 2 shuttles or 1 tatting needle, size 20 tatting thread, 8 seed beads loaded on the ball and 46 seed beads that are loose for joins, size 16 or size 15 crochet hook, and usual tatting supplies.  The optional split ring chain uses approximately 200 additional seed beads and 100 small bugle beads.

Level: Experienced beginner on up

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Circle of Friends.jpg
Super Nova
2 Hour Class

This chain study is out-of-this-world.  Techniques include encasing jewels in tatted chains, lock tatting, direct pearl tatting, and mock rickrack chains.  Students will need 2 shuttles or 2 tatting needles, one ball of Lizmetallic thread, one ball of size 20 variegated thread, two ¾ inch (or 18mm) jewels, and usual tatting supplies.

Level: Experienced Beginner

Circle of Friends
2 Hour Class

Immortalize your friends in tatting.  Choose their favorite color to tat their shirt.  Then choose from a variety of hair styles to create a fun edging for a circular or oval mat.  Techniques include split rings, direct pearl tatting, direct tatting on rings, and block tatting.  Students will need 5 shuttles or 2 tatting needles; a variety of size 20 tatting thread for skin, hair, and shirts; and usual tatting supplies.

Level: Intermediate

Super Nova.jpg
The Chicken or The Egg
2 Hour Class

Talk on this subject can lead to a mile-long discussion.  But this mobius ornament is infinitely more fun.  The treble tat stitch and swirl join will be taught in this class.  Students should tat their chickens before coming to class (pattern will be provided) and fill 2 shuttles CTM with mobius-colored size 20 tatting thread and a third shuttle filled with 4 yards of size 10 tatting thread cut off the ball for nests.  Needle tatters should also tat their chickens before class, but have no other prep necessary.  Supplies used include size 20 tatting thread in 715 (mobius); white, black, 691 and 715 (chickens); size 10 tatting thread in 150 (nests); 3 shuttles or 1 tatting needle; seed beads in red, black, and yellow for chickens; and usual tatting supplies.  A required kit will be provided with oval pearl “eggs”, invisible thread, and beading needle.

Level: Experienced Beginner to Intermediate

The Chicken or the Egg.jpg
Captured Hearts.jpg
2 Hour Class

The loon is enjoying his swim through gentle waters of tatted Victorian sets.  Techniques to be taught include tatting with beads, two-colour block tatting, balanced double stitch, and Victorian sets.  Students should bring 2 shuttles or 1 tatting needle, size 20 tatting thread (black, white, and water colour), size 16 crochet hook, and usual tatting supplies.  Required bead kits will be available for $1 each.

Level: Intermediate

Picot Vortex.jpg
Captured Hearts
2 Hour Class

Love the versatility of tatting with this fun project.  Techniques to be taught include layered tatting, Victorian sets, Catherine wheel joins, shoe lace trick and split ring.  Students should bring 2 shuttles (3 m on S1 and 3 m on S2 CTM) or 1 tatting needle, ball of size 10 tatting thread, and usual tatting supplies.

Level: Experienced Beginner

Picot Vortex
1 1/2 Hour Class

This motif has floating rings and single, double, and triple picots.  The easy technique of multiple picots works well in both shuttle and needle tatting.  Focus is on measuring picots with a picot gauge - both up and down and sideways.  Students should bring two shuttles or one tatting needle, size 10 tatting thread, picot gauges, and usual tatting supplies.

Level: Experienced Beginner on up